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IM John Chow Review

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How to Benefit From Social Networks in Internet Marketing?

IM John Chow Companies making a lot of effort to market its name to new customers through social networks, but in 2013 proves that the best ever customers are your current customers, and they are less expensive course to find new customers. Since it is expected that reacts to your customers current with the latest social on your pages, and marketing and dissemination of knowledge on the networks Facebook and Twitter and Linked In.

Customer and share your enthusiasm when they retransmit Ngredat your company via Twitter, and publish your posts to their own pages on Facebook. The satisfied customers for services they talk about your acquaintances and friends, and these customers is to optimized to attract new customers

Social participation increase your marketing

The small size of the company an advantage in the event of the use of social networks, and the ability to communicate with all users of the network, and reply to all comments, and you can use this point to your advantage through the following aspects
Participated in dialogues with your customers, and established discussions with them
Reply personally to customer questions, comments, complaints, and Ataraouathm, and motivate them to debate and talk continuity
Stimulate your customers to post all the updates and issues raised on your page, and invite them to participate via comments, or pictures, or any useful additions

Consumer reviews very important

Studies indicate that 78% of consumers trust the recommendations of other consumers, despite the lack of knowledge of their personal, and you can imagine that this greatly increase the confidence in the event of a recommendation from a colleague or friend, while trust 14% only in ads
And affect the opinions of consumers that they come across social networks is very large in the company’s performance, and product development, and address its weaknesses, and you have to be careful to answer consumer complaints quickly before it spreads further, and at the same time do not forget to thank consumers dissatisfied with your services for their positive comments, and ask them to post these views to their personal pages on social networks.

Success requires testing

There are many trials and errors on social networks, sometimes do not get that we send updates on social networks, and we think that it is very strong on any replies, while other updates erupted unexpected series of discussions
So should the company tested these results, and the exploitation of the updates that ensure its success, and through follow-up Standing content that raises the largest amount of responses and comments on these networks.

Mobile Phones Marketing

IM John Chow With solutions this spring will arrive number of mobile subscribers on the planet to 7.1 billion subscribers. This figure undoubtedly will draw huge smile on the visage of every marketers via mobile phones. The mobile phone of powerful communication tools, and used by companies to meet their business needs through direct communication with the masses. But the question that arises here, is this the way in offering successfully using mobile phones? In the absence of the implementation of the marketing process via mobile phones and warned systematic risk companies to lose the confidence of its customers.

The survey revealed the consumer in December of last year carried out by Forrester that 73% of consumers “upset” of the ads they see on their mobile phones more than dismay of TV commercials. Our goal is to transform the consumer into a loyal client and manage relationships with customers around the world in a manner keeps us close to the consumer away from confrontation. The answer does not lie in stopping the mobile marketing, but change the method.

Until this moment tops UAE highest prevalence of mobile phones in the Middle East. According to the TRA, the number of mobile subscribers actors in the country has grown to up to 7.33% or 11.72 million in 2011, compared with 10.92 million in 2010. To understand the mobile phone market in the Middle East better, Gemalto will this year to conduct a survey on the feedback of associative about participants campaigns and privacy and to grant permission.

The marketing via mobile phones is essential to any project in the twenty-first century, and significantly, therefore revealed Coca-Cola Company recently reported that 70 percent of the marketing budget has earmarked for SMS and mobile phone network, while you go 20 percent of the applications, and go 10 percent to new innovations such as Portfolio mobile cipher filamentous second. Based on the report IBM Tech Trend, 69 percent of companies will invest in a mobile phone over the next two years.

Since we we realized that mobile marketing is vital how can we make sure we’re not disturbing statistic other customers? We focus on the customer, and Kmsoukan we need to recognize that this kind of link between you and your client is a privilege. It regards access to decent permission to interact with your customers. It is also about knowing your customers well and to understand what they like and what they expect.

It’s like a friendship relationship and marriage, there are basic rules must be observed, such as respect, trust, confidence and loyalty between the consumer and the product or brand. Must maintain the privacy and interdependence and tangible rewards to create confidence. And as a consumer you need to make sure that telephone marketers are working to meet these needs.

The advancement of mobile marketing through to an advanced stage is a concept rooted in our minds when developing solutions for mobile marketing through contextual, and depends entirely on the request for authorization from the customer.

Internet Marketing Strategies

Have you ever heard at any time for identifying strategic tactic before? Of course, should strategy always comes before tactics. Strategy is the overall plan. It’s the bigger picture: What should be done, and why. Tactic, in turn, means of when, where and how. Tactic is the way in which they are carried out your strategy.
However, most people based business online decide to use the tools and methods (no tactic) strategy .. This is a mistake. They hear about the latest technology or another new communication network and want to join, or that anyone who tells them that he must have a blog, one only to abandon them after a month. A lot of people chasing down new technology on the Internet without knowing what they want to achieve exactly that. Might think of the reasons, and say “I want to make money online with IM John Chow” but the reasons do not go further than that. And most importantly, what they do not know what they want to achieve, they do not know how to measure the success of their tactics too!

To avoid falling into such errors that may control your efforts fail and may even come detrimental to your company in the worst case, there must be a strong business strategy and online marketing knowledge. Marketing services help Online to develop such a strategy by answering the following questions:
Exactly what I’m trying to accomplish online and why?
Who are my customers, and how do I reach them?
What are the most pressing challenges of my clients, and how can I help them overcome?
What are the most effective tools for the delivery of my messages?
There are hundreds of marketers on the Internet and who sell products or services on the Internet, but find that all of these one attribute each of them wants to show sales in the first division and be in the foreground with they’re all working for one goal which is to reach out to sell the product or service.

First before rivals from the same service or product and the first sale is always the hardest.

And certainly that some customers do not trust some marketers because there are some marketers had no convincing service, or does not have convincingly satisfy the customer site, or has no previous business dealings. In order to sell and confidence of customers must always have to look at these concerns, which focus on the customer because the first purchase is a dangerous gamble.

But always make sure that everything becomes good level also with dignified treatment of customers and more importantly, when you fail in dealing with a particular client on the service provided by him must always be prepared to take advantage of that experience

That is why e-marketing strategies must take care of them before they are thinking in the first sale

For example

Starter published a special book product how to grow medicinal herbs and there gardener another or farms buys this book because he cares that mean Item directed to those who care about these first marketing strategies-mail that directs item for those who are interested in them because they add value to their lives and Tdjahelm more important her and help them solve their problems better and thus boost confidence, which was founded in the first sale because they were sold on the basis of a sound and happy customers and buy from you again and more and will buy at a higher cost Madame they were satisfied or happy by their experience in earlier

Therefore should know the basics of e-marketing strategies for your online?

1 – Plan out your product or service sense to know the prices of the product or service provided and whether suitable for presentation to the public or not?

2 – to know what the public wants and through presentations to some buyers and know them Any offers Hazt admiration for its promotion to offer to the public

3 – Keep always to add value to the product or service and choose to view it’s always with the passage of time should be given a new value private your brand should be enjoyed by customers

E-marketing strategy is rooted in the fundamentals of sales because it is the foundation of the sale of any product through the Internet (e-commerce) because they always create added value in business and in life as well?

General Environment For Electronic Commerce

Another fact logical, not e-commerce without electronic means, and certainly, the crossing of technology means compact is a computer system, in its broadest sense, which allows connectivity between it and other systems to ensure the exchange of information and transfer and achieving the entry ACCESS to the system and it to other systems. Trade electronic but are computer and network solutions and site and content, computer allows data entry, processing and design display and retrieval, and network allows transmission of information both ways, from the system and mechanism, and solutions allow enforcement established for obligations and enforcement customer obligations (solutions or software e-commerce), and a Web site to display products or services and related addition to the activities of the media and marketing mechanisms, and the content is in the same vocabulary location of products and services and related but within the framework of supply catalyst for acceptance and detector for the site’s technical capabilities (and specifically e-commerce solutions) and marketing. Within this general concept of the needs of electronic commerce, involving all means carry out their activities of hardware and software solutions and networks and means of communication and the exchange of data and subscriptions on the network and solutions on information security and the implementation of processes to meet the price and delivery of services on-line. Because the Internet is a network of networks, has been associated with the development of electronic commerce, but their presence in our time to the Internet.

The Internet has changed the face of the business world, have contributed to Internet networks (intranet and extranet) to achieve the actual existence of e-commerce, according to statistical studies and official reports and reports private actors, the significant growth and steady has been achieved in the market of Internet services and the trend towards e-commerce, in the period from 98 and up to 99 users of the World Wide Web increased by 55%, and service sites increased by 128% and the percentage of URLs registered by 137%.

According to a recent study conducted by global data (IDC), the increase in the number of Internet service providers (ISPs) in the United States reached 41% between 98 and 99 and that the rate of increase annual 28% for the years until 2003, while the study indicates that the market supply service Internet will add to the income year, nearly 4.5 billion annually over the next three years. According to studies Foundation (NUA) specialized strategies Internet, the number of people who entered to the Internet until May 1999 (171 million people) more than 50% of them in the United States and Canada, and Table (1) the number of Internet users as in June 1999 depending on the geographical areas and the percentage of Internet users to the total population in the countries most commonly used of the Internet.

IM John Chow E-commerce

Represent electronic commerce and one of the objective what is known as the digital economy digital Digital Economy where the digital economy on two facts:

- E-commerce and Information Technology Information Technology

-IT technology comprises information or information industry in the era of computing and communication that created existence realistic and real e-commerce as a dependent on computing and communication and various technical means to implement and manage a business.

And electronic commerce (E-commerce) is the implementation and management of commercial activities relating to the goods and services by converting the data over the Internet or technical systems like, and extends the common notion of e-commerce in general to three types of activities: – first, service linking or access to the Internet and contained connectivity services of services the technical content, such as obvious services provided by the service providers Internet ISPs – Internet Services Providers and second, delivery or supply technical services. The third use of the Internet as a vehicle or a means of distributing services and distribution of goods and services delivered in a non-technical (physical delivery Normal) and within this concept appears confused between e-business and e-commerce and the exploitation of technical activities traditional trade which We will to explained later.

In actual practice, the e-commerce take patterns many, a show of goods and services through the Internet and conduct financial transactions described through web sites with conducting Cash cards financial or other means of payment, and the establishment of stores virtual or shop on the Internet, and activities supply, distribution and agency online business and financial services practice and aviation and transportation services, shipping and other online.

Either in terms of the images of electronic commerce in scope many pictures most prominent and the most important images shown in Figure 1, consequently, which includes trade relations between the views of business and consumer, and between businesses among themselves and are two images most common and important in the scope of e-commerce in the present, and between sectors government and between the consumer and the government sectors and between businesses, of course within the framework of relations with trading and financial content.

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